Gwynedd Richard Haslam, Julian Orbach, Adam Voelcker

Pevsner Architectural Guides: Buildings of Wales
Publication date:
24 Apr 2009
Yale University Press
800 pages: 216 x 121mm
120 color illus.
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No area of Wales is more rewarding to the architectural traveler than Gwynedd—the historic counties of Anglesey, Caernarfon and Merioneth, which are the setting for many of Wales’s greatest buildings. This book examines the buildings of the region, from Beaumaris, Caernafon, Conwy, and Harlech castles and atmospheric medieval churches to Nonconformist chapels and houses in distinctive vernacular traditions.

Richard Haslam has contributed to the Buildings of Wales series from its foundation; Julian Orbach is an independent architectural historian, and Adam Voelcker is an architect practicing in North Wales.

?This is a fitting conclusion to an impressive and very important series.?

?This massive exercise in scholarship is a fitting completion of The Buildings of Wales.?

?Conveys the remarkable quality, richness and giddy range of the architecture of Gwynedd...this magisterial volume has been worth waiting for and is far from being just a gazetteer of fine architecture. It continues the tradition of fine scholarship we have come to expect from the series?But do not think this results in a dry tome for the specialist: far from it.?

?A worthy guide at last exists for the buildings of this dramatic, delightful and often surprising corner of the British Isles.?

?The publication of a new ?Pevsner? must always be a matter for celebration among those who delight in architecture. No books bring home more powerfully the sheer interest, wealth and variety of buildings in the British Isles. Nor the degree to which the lion?s share of them remain relatively little visited or known ? [Gwynedd] is a landmark ? with an excellent body of illustrative material, including plans, engravings and photographs.?