Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls James H. Charlesworth

The Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library
Publication date:
01 Jan 1992
Yale University Press
410 pages: 229 x 152mm
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A leading expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls explains why they are among the most important archaeological finds in history, and explores how they have revolutionized our understanding of Jesus.

?Neither the recent excitement over the Dead Sea Scrolls nor the flow of books--scholarly and popular--on their impact show signs of abating. Some of these books are primarily sensationalistic, while others represent sound scholarship. This book is among the latter. Editor Charlesworth has established himself as a careful scholar, especially in the area of early Jewish and Christian studies. Bringing together a dozen essays (including three of his own) on the influence, of the Essenes on Jesus of Nazareth, he presents a critical review of the major similarities and differences between the Essenes and Jesus. Among the intriguing suggestions is that, contrary to prevailing opinion, Jesus did address or allude to the teachings and practices of the Essenes. The contributors generally express such nontraditional ideas cautiously, since there is much work yet to be done on the Scrolls. Still, this is a solid contribution to the current debate that will inform and challenge both scholars and lay readers. For academic and large public libraries.? - Craig W. Beard, Library Journal