Archaeology of the Land of the Bible, Volume I 10,000-586 B.C.E. Amihai Mazar

The Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library
Publication date:
29 Sep 1992
Yale University Press
608 pages: 235 x 152mm
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Every year thousands of enthusiasts, amateur and professional, spend the summer months digging in the sands of Israel hoping to find items that in some way relate to the places and events depicted in the Bible. This work looks at the history and archaeology of the Bible lands.

Ephraim Stern, one of the leading archaeologists in Israel, is a professor at the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Over the past forty-five years he has been working in some of the most important excavations in Israel, such as Hazor, Masada, En Gedi, and Beer-Sheba, and served as director of many others, including the major twenty seasons dig at Tel Dor.

Winner of the 1991 Biblical Archaeology Society Award for Best Scholarly Book on Archaeology