"Apologia Pro Vita Sua" and Six Sermons Frank M. Turner, John Henry Newman

Publication date:
07 Mar 2008
Yale University Press
528 pages: 235 x 156 x 40mm
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This newly edited version of John Henry Newman’s Apologia Pro Vita Sua sheds new light on Newman’s celebrated account of his passage from the Church of England to the Roman Catholic Church and repositions his narrative within the context of transformative religious journeys of other Victorian intellectuals. Frank M. Turner is the first historian of Victorian thought, religion, and culture to edit Newman’s classic autobiographical narrative. Drawing on extensive research in contemporary printed materials and archives, Turner’s powerfully revisionist Introduction reevaluates and challenges the historical adequacy of previous interpretations of Newman’s life and of the Apologia itself. He further presents Newman’s volume as a response to ultramontane assertions of papal authority in the l860s.

In addition to numerous explanatory textual annotations, the volume includes an Appendix featuring six important Anglican sermons that providesignificant insights into Newman’s thought during the years recounted in the Apologia.

Frank M. Turner (1944–2010) was John Hay Whitney Professor of History at Yale University. He was the author of John Henry Newman: The Challenge to Evangelical Relgion.

"Frank Turner provides a genuinely new and exciting reading of Newman's much-read Apologia, juxtaposing the historical conditions of nineteenth-century England with Newman's version of them."—George Levine, Rutgers University

"In his own life and for the Church, John Henry Newman navigated the narrows between change and tradition, freedom and dogma, conscience and authority. Such tensions split the world still. Newman's masterpiece, as elegantly presented by Frank M. Turner, has never been more relevant."—James Carroll, author of House of War

"An exceptionally fertile and thought-provoking interpretation of both John Henry Newman and his great work."—Colin Barr, The Journal of Ecclesiastical History

“Professor Turner has written a very full and significant Introduction for this new edition of the Apologia. It will be a great addition to the scholarly literature on Newman.”—Robert Bruce Mullin, SPRL Professor of History, The General Theological Seminary