Art of the Avant-Gardes Steve Edwards, Paul Wood

Art of the Twentieth Century
Publication date:
11 Jul 2004
Yale University Press
472 pages: 254 x 190mm
279 color illus.


Art of the Avant-Gardes discusses the development of modern art in the first third of the twentieth century. It introduces the main themes of art in the period and summarizes the political context in which art developed: the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the subsequent consolidation of the European dictatorships. The book is the second volume in the Art of the Twentieth Century series.
With hundreds of full color illustrations, the book presents numerous case studies that illuminate the important idea of “expression” in art, related questions of Orientalism and the “primitive,” aspects of Cubism, the development of abstract art, and the radical avant-garde movements—Dada, Soviet Constructivism, Surrealism.

Steve Edwards is research lecturer, The Open University. Paul Wood is senior lecturrer in art history, The Open University.

"The essays are peppered with questions in boldface type that prompt the reader to engage with individual works of art analytically. Strongly recommended for all art libraries and specialized public libraries."—Library Journal