"The Paths Dreams Take" by Elizabeth Hammer

The Paths Dreams Take CD-ROM; Japanese Art from the Collections of Mary Griggs Burke and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Elizabeth Hammer, Teresa Russo

Metropolitan Museum of Art Series
Mixed media product
Publication date:
10 Nov 2000
Metropolitan Museum of Art
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This CD-ROM provides a multifaceted introduction to the pleasures and fundamentals of Japanese art. Neolithic ceramics, sacred sculptures, brightly painted folding screens, boldly designed woodblock prints, and intricately embroidered robes are among the seventy-seven art works explored by means of enlarged details, narrated tours of illustrations of classic tales, and poetic and musical excerpts. Based on the exhibition “The Art of Japan from the Mary Griggs Burke Collection of Japanese Art,” the CD-ROM also presents Burke’s own account of the formation of her collection.

Included on the CD-ROM are all thirty-seven illustrations on the Kitano Tenjin Engi handscroll, each shown in several details; over seventy details for the Rakuchu Rakugal zu; fifty details for the Hogen/Heiji screens, and much more. Supplementary sections, including a historical overview, glossary, and maps, provide information about the context in which all these treasures were made and enjoyed.

System requirements: Pentium PC or better running Windows 95/98/NT or PowerPC-based Macintosh running Mac OS 7.6 or higher; 166 MHz or faster processor; 10 MB available RAM (at least 32 MB total RAM); 640 x 480 or greater display set to thousands of colors; 8x speed or faster CD-ROM drive; compatible sound card and speaker; Quicktime 4 (included on this CD).

Elizabeth Hammer is assistant museum educator and Teresa Russo is associate museum educator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.