"Joining the Club" by Dan A.              Oren

Joining the Club A History of Jews and Yale, Second Edition Dan A. Oren

A Yale Tercentennial Book
Publication date:
10 Apr 2001
Yale University Press
516 pages: 235 x 156mm
18 b-w illus.


This unique and richly informative addition to American educational, religious, and cultural history examines the college life of Jews at Yale from the first Jewish graduate in 1809 to the present time, drawing comparisons to the Jewish experience at other elite colleges and universities and to the experiences of other minorities at Yale. In this revised edition, Oren draws on new interviews and references to present the dramatic events of the past twenty years, describing the tensions between majority and minority cultures in an academic world increasingly committed to inclusiveness and the solidification of meritocracy.

Reviews of the earlier edition

“An admirably probing and balanced account of a subject that was up to now considered taboo.” —Lewis Coser

“Dan A. Oren’s meticulous research reveals how the traditional exclusivist conception of Yale University evolved gradually over time, and with what consequences for Jews and other original outsiders. . . . Judicious in tone, balanced and fluently written.” —A.J. Sherman, Times Literary Supplement

“A richly researched and well-written book.” —Naomi W. Cohen, American Historical Review

“A most complete, thoroughly researched, and well documented history.” —Melvin Ezer, Educational Studies

Dan A. Oren, M.D., is associate professor of  psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine.

Dan A. Oren, M.D., is associate professor of psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine.