"Care of the Psyche" by Stanley Jackson

Care of the Psyche A History of Psychological Healing Stanley Jackson

Publication date:
11 May 1999
Yale University Press
472 pages: 235 x 156mm
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In this book, a distinguished historian of medicine surveys the basic elements that have constituted psychological healing over the centuries. Dr. Stanley W. Jackson shows that healing practices, whether they come from the worlds of medicine, religion, or philosophy, share certain elements that transcend space and time.

Drawing on medical writings from classical Greece and Rome to the present, as well as on philosophical and religious writings, Dr. Jackson shows that the basic ingredients of psychological healing—which have survived changes of name, the fall of their theoretical contexts, and the waning of social support in different historical eras—are essential factors in our modern psychotherapies and in healing contexts in general.

"This latest superb contribution of Professor Stanley W. Jackson is a pleasure to read, a pleasure to savor his scholarly contributions, to learn so much from his clear presentations, to be so enriched when reading his notes and extensive bibliography, and to be very appreciative of his earlier significant contributions as well as this latest. His concluding statement that ?neglect of the psyche has meant, more often than not, neglect of the sufferer and the sufferer?s health? is especially important in today?s therapeutic, clinical, theoretical, and research approaches to psychological healing. His scholarship is first class and this soon to be classic may never be superceded by other books focusing on the topics with which he so ably gifts us. This is more than a reference text?it is a joyful contribution to our knowledge."?George H. Pollock, M.D., Ph.D., Ruth and Evelyn Dunbar Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emeritus, Northwestern University Medical School, Past President of the American Psychiatric Association and American Psychoanalytic Association

"This powerful book, marked by erudition and clinical wisdom, will be a classic."?John Burnham, Ohio State University

"At a time when biological concepts are in the ascendancy in the theory and practice of psychiatry, Dr. Jackson reminds us of the equally vital importance of psychological understanding and healing. In Care of the Psyche he has combined deep clinical insight with a vast historical knowledge to produce an informative and highly readable work that will significantly expand the psychological perceptiveness of all those fortunate enough to read it."?John C. Nemiah, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Dartmouth Medical School, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, Harvard Medical School

"In Care of the Psyche, Stanley W. Jackson traces the history of psychological healing from antiquity to the present. The book is characterized by Dr. Jackson?s exactness of judgment. Without appeal to false commonalities, he reveals modern psychotherapy?s connections to timeless themes of consolation, encouragement, and philosophical self-understanding."?Peter D. Kramer, author of Listening to Prozac and Should You Leave 

"We usually view psychotherapy as a twentieth century preoccupation, but Stanley Jackson, the distinguished psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and historian of psychiatry, sees it as one of the methods of psychological healing that date from the dawn of Western civilization. He traces the history of basic concepts of psychotherapy?the healer-sufferer relationship, catharsis, suggestion, persuasion, interpretation, introspection, and insight. Psychotherapy has taught us to be interested in the developmental origins of behavior; Stanley Jackson?s brilliant and comprehensive study teaches us about the developmental origins of psychotherapy."?Robert Michels, M.D, Walsh McDermott University Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, Cornell University.

"In this thoroughly documented and comprehensive account, [Jackson] examines particularly the elements common to many different psychotherapies. . . . Psychology, he observes, has frequently played a crucial role in healing; indeed, attempts at healing that have lacked care for the psyche have been, at best, a waste of everyone?s time. Many fascinating figures appear in these pages, and their ideas come to life in Jackson?s lucid treatment. . . . Those interested in the relationship between psychology and medicine will find it very valuable."?William Beatty, Booklist

?[An] ambitious and brilliant work, a sweeping history of how healers have understood and used psychological healing for those suffering from physical or mental distress. . . . Jackson is an erudite and clinically astute guide and, along the way, he unfolds what is certainly to become a classic account within the history of medicine as well as the history of psychiatry.??Joel Braslow, Bulletin for the History of Medicine

?If I had to recommend only one book that I thought would be important and appeal to students of psychotherapy, seasoned clinicians, and researchers in the field, it would be this volume. In fact, it should be required reading for every professional working in, or planning to work in, one of the helping fields. . . . If this were the only book on your shelf, you would have an almost complete library and resource covering the approaches to, and major thoughts on, psychological healing.??Thomas S. Bartlett, Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

?Dr. Jackson?s approach is consistent throughout, his concepts crisply and clearly presented, and the general theme never lost. His book can be enjoyed by virtually anyone and will be found academically valuable by a wide range of professionals. This work will serve as a useful reference, a study guide, a textbook for students of history and of the mental health disciplines, and an enjoyable read for anyone broadly interested in how mankind has come to view those who suffer and those who heal.??John W. Goethe, Connecticut Medicine

?Stanley Jackson has done it again. With Care of the Psyche, the distinguished Yale psychiatrist and historian has created another seminal work in the history of psychiatry. . . . [This book] will endure in our generally disposable culture as a compendium to which the reader will return repeatedly. There is much here for the physician and the general reader.??Kenneth S. Piver, JAMA

?Care of the Psyche is an important and sophisticated work that deserves a wide audience. Those in the health care profession could especially benefit from this book. At a time when a reductionist and mechanistic philosophy dominates both medicine and science, Jackson reminds us of the important of listening rather than in relying on technological interventions.??Gerald N. Grob, Journal of the History of Medicine

"Jackson examines the healer-suffer relationship, emotional expressiveness, consolation, influence, and cognitive therapies. . . . This [book] is unique in examining a broader range of sources and in looking at the psychological component of general medical practice. Essential for large academic libraries serving medical historians."?Library Journal

?A brilliant book. . . . I loved the book and will return to it again and again.??Howard Spiro, New England Journal of Medicine

?This history of psychological healing is easy to read, encyclopedic in scope and coverage, and first class in scholarship and thought. . . . At a time when psychological healing is experiencing a resurgence, this volume is timely and very useful for the student, scholar, clinician and theoretician.??George H. Pollack, Psychiatric Times

?Jackson?s powerful achievement in this imaginative, scholarly and yet readable book is to give us a much sharper and better informed understanding of both what is new in modern psychotherapy and what connects it to some of the eternal themes of human existence. Jackson?s historical knowledge and clinical acumen are commanding.??Paul Crichton, Psychological Medicine

?In Care of the Psyche: A History of Psychological Healing, [Jackson] presents a detailed account of psychological healing that is accurate, scholarly, and comprehensive. . . . [This book is] likely to become a standard text.??Richard D. Chessick, Readings: A Journal of Reviews and Commentary in Mental Health

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