"Facing and Fighting Fatigue" by Benjamin Natelson

Facing and Fighting Fatigue A Practical Approach Benjamin Natelson

Publication date:
30 Mar 1998
Yale University Press
224 pages: 210 x 140mm

We all know what it is to be exhausted: fatigue seems to be a normal part of human experience when we are overactive, have physical or emotional problems, face stress, or suffer from insomnia. Some of us, in fact, suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, an illness characterized by pervasive fatigue that produces significant disability and lasts more than six months. In this important book, an eminent specialist in fatigue disorders—a physician who is sensitive and empathic to patients’ complaints—discusses all kinds of fatigue problems, explaining what fatigue is, what causes it, how to combat it, and what patients should know when consulting a doctor about symptoms.

The book offers valuable advice on:

• how to improve your sleep;

• ways to find understanding and sympa thetic doctors;

• self-help techniques to manage stress (the role of exercise, relaxation, and coaches); • the best medicines and ancillary techniques used by expert physicians to treat severe fatiguing illness

• the efficacy of alternative medicines;

• ways for those with severe and chronic fatigue to cope with their own illness;

• and more.

"An instructive and informative volume that offers a number of suggestions to explain and remedy fatigue problems."?Fred Friedberg, author of Coping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Nine Things You Can Do

"Part of Dr. Natelson's prescription, appropriately, is empowerment. He is a wise man. Let the book be widely read."?Dr. Robin Fox, Former Editor of The Lancet"The book is full of wisdom, admirably expressed. If it is read widely, much good will be done." ?Dr. Robin Fox, former editor of The Lancet

"A storehouse of information on the medical practice, diagnostic procedures and treatment of fatigue disorders presented in an eminently readable fashion. The relevant medical history, assay procedures and research technique are easily understood because the book is artfully crafted. This is good science; this is a good book."?William P. Pare, Chief, Pavlovian Research Laboratory, VA Medical Center, Perry Point, MD

"This [book] is recommended as an addition to any library whose readers are interested in the subject. Would that we all had physicians with Natelson's blend of practicality, open-mindedness, and empathy."?Library Journal"Natelson . . . offers a fact-based approach to treatment while being open to nonharmful, alternative therapies, and he advocates a whole person?s approach in this well-documented guide. Coverage includes causes, how to tell the difference between being tired and having chronic fatigue, ways to manage either problem, and advice on finding the right physician and support group."?Library Journal

"[Natelson?s] main concern is determining whether a patient is just tired or suffering from underlying stress or disease, such as fibromyalgia. As he examines each possibility, he details the intricacies of sleep, the mysteries of chronic fatigue syndrome, and the relationship between exercise and exhaustion. While he does not promise cures, his coping mechanisms are plentiful."?Science News Books

"This book answered my questions about why fatigue is so common and troublesome for so many. It should be read by anyone for whom fatigue is a frequent or recurrent problem." ?Robert J. Danzig, formerly vice president, Hearst Corporation, and head of the Hearst Newspapers Company

"Natelson?s practical book deserves special credit for the observation that "often the doctor has not realized that the job in not to cure but to help."?William Beatty, Booklist