"The Rational Choice Controversy" by Jeffrey Friedman

The Rational Choice Controversy Economic Models of Politics Reconsidered Jeffrey Friedman

Publication date:
25 Sep 1996
Yale University Press
320 pages: 210 x 140mm
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Pathologies of Rational Choice Theory, a book written by Donald Green and Ian Shapiro and published in 1994, excited much controversy among political scientists and promoted a dialogue among them that was printed in a double issue of the journal Critical Review in 1995. This new book reproduces thirteen essays from the journal written by senior scholars in the field, along with an introduction by the editor of the journal, Jeffrey Friedman, and a rejoinder to the essays by Green and Shapiro. The scholars—who include John Ferejohn, Morris P. Fiorina, Stanley Kelley, Jr., Robert E. Lane, Peter C. Ordeshook, Norman Schofield, and Kenneth A. Shepsle—criticize, agree with, or build on the issues raised by Green and Shapiro`s critique. Together the essays provide an interesting and accessible way of focusing on competing approaches to the study of politics and the social sciences.

Jeffrey Friedman is in the department of political science at Yale University and is editor of Critical Review.

"This will be a very popular book. Everyone wants to know how leading rational choice theorists respond to the Green and Shapiro critique and how Green and Shapiro respond to them. In addition, the articles that develop the critique from other perspectives are first-rate and also an essential part of the dialogue."?Donald D. Searing, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"The volume is both timely and of high quality. Pathologies of Rational Choice Theory is polemics in the best sense, and this volume allows full response to the issues from a wide variety of scholars."?Bryan D. Jones