"Yale French Studies, Number 79" by Claire Nouvet

Yale French Studies, Number 79 Literature and the Ethical Question Claire Nouvet

Yale French Studies Series
Publication date:
20 Feb 1991
Yale University Press
235 x 156mm

The contributors to this issue—among them writers, philosophers, literary critics, and psychoanalysts—evaluate the relationship between ethics and literature. Their diverse topics range from a discussion of notions of humanity and responsibility to a reading of the Holocaust as it is explored in the film Shoah.

"This very timely volume brings to the fore a plethora of issues concerning the relationship of literature and literary analysis to ethics. . . . The questions posed by the joining of literature and ethics remain unresolved, as perhaps they must, but by having allowed several voices to speak, Nouvet calls upon her readers to continue this assessment, one which is inseparable from contemporary literary analysis."?Ann Williams-Gascon, Rocky Mountain Review