"Wayward Capitalists" by Susan P.              Shapiro

Wayward Capitalists Targets of the Securities and Exchange Commission Susan P. Shapiro

Yale Studies on White-Collar Crime Series
Publication date:
10 Sep 1987
Yale University Press
229 pages: 235 x 156mm

This pathbreaking book not only reveals how "wayward capitalists"—representatives of publicly held corporations, stock buyers and sellers, stockbrokers, investment advisers, accountants, and attorneys—defraud investors but also explains how Securities and Exchange Commission enforcers catch, investigate, and prosecute these offenders.
"The book is a valuable source for grasping the intricacies of corporate deviance. an attractive feature is the author's discussion of research design and execution. . . . An excellent reference section is provided for the inquiring reader. I recommend the book for both the practitioner and academician. The author blends the fields of business and criminology, which should be of interest to anyone studying private justice and white collar crime."—Robert J. Meadows, Security Administration
"An important book."—USA Today 
"The book contains many interesting anecdotes in addition to the research findings and is bound to be controversial."—Stephen L.  Fogg, Journal of  Accountancy 

"The book contains many interesting anecdotes in addition to the research findings and is bound to be controversial."?Stephen L.  Fogg, Journal of  Accountancy

"An important book."?USA Today

"Wayward Capitalists is a rich description of financial crime and enforcement that may be useful as background material to a more rigorous study of the organization of administrative agencies."?Mark J. Moran, American Political Science Review

"[The book] presents an excellent account, for better or for worse, of the difficulties of researching white-collar crime.  Shapiro has been able to gain access into a very closed and tightly monitored world, and her findings take on greater meaning when they are viewed in this light."?Kip Schlegel, Criminal Justice Review