"Intermediate Cambodian Reader" by Franklin E.              Huffman

Intermediate Cambodian Reader Franklin E. Huffman

Yale Language Series
Publication date:
11 Mar 1972
Yale University Press
502 pages: 254 x 178 x 26mm

This book is a sequel to the author’s Cambodian System of Writing and Beginning Reader, published by the Yale University Press in 1970.  It is intended to develop the student’s ability to the point of reading unedited Cambodian texts with the aid of a dictionary.  Part One consists of thirty-seven reading selections in Cambodian, graded in length and difficulty, from publications by Cambodia’s leading writers and scholars.  It includes articles on Cambodian history, culture, and geography; Cambodian folktales; newspaper articles and editorials; and modern Cambodian fiction.  Each selection is followed by a list of the vocabulary items not previously introduced, along with their definitions.  
Part Two consists of a final alphabetical Cambodian-English glossary containing not only the 4000 vocabulary items introduced in this volume, but also the 2000 vocabulary items in the preceding Cambodian System of Writing and Beginning Reader.  This comprehensive glossary, besides rendering the book useful independently of the preceding volume, is particularly important in view of the present lack of a satisfactory Cambodian-English dictionary for students to use.

"This excellent production, complementary to Dr. Huffman's Cambodian System of Writing and Beginning Reader (1970), is designed to carry the student on to the point where he can read an ordinary modern text with the aid of a dictionary only. Its graded readings cover folktales, essays, and newspaper pieces and end with a well-known short novel, Rim Kin's Sophat. The individual pieces are followed by vocabularies in which grammatical notes are incorporated, and at the end of the book a 6,000-word glossary consolidates the words introduced in this and the earlier volume (incidentally providing a useful conspectus of basic Cambodian)."?Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London)

"This is the third volume in the Yale Linguistic Series on Khmer and a continuation of Professor Huffman's Cambodian System of Writing and Beginning Reader (CSWBR). . . . The student who works conscientiously through it could not help but have a knowledge and appreciation of modern literary Khmer which would be both broad and thorough; beyond the scope of the volume lies only that general development of reading facility which independent experience can bring. It is probably no exaggeration to say that the student who has completed ICR would be as reliant upon such dictionaries as exist as would well-trained students of French or German onthe third level."?Cultura