"Eyewitness Views - Making History in Eighteenth-Century Europe" by Peter Bjorn Kerber

Eyewitness Views - Making History in Eighteenth-Century Europe Peter Bjorn Kerber

Getty Publications -
Publication date:
28 Apr 2017
Getty Publications
280 pages: 283 x 262 x 26mm


Canaletto, Bernardo Bellotto, Luca Caravarijs, Giovanni Paolo Panini, Francesco Guardi, Hubert Robert-these renowned view painters are perhaps best known for their expansive canvases depicting the ruins of Rome or the canals of Venice. Many of their most splendid paintings, however, feature important contemporary events. Little explored by scholars, they stand out by virtue of their extraordinary artistic quality, vibrant atmosphere, and historical interest. Imbued with a sense of occasion, even drama, and often commissioned by or for rulers, princes, and ambassadors as records of significant events in which they participated, these occasions motivated some of the greatest artists of the era to produce their most exceptional work. Lavishly illustrated and exhaustively researched, this volume provides the first-ever comprehensive study-in any language-of this type of view painting. In examining these paintings alongside the historical events depicted in them, Peter Bjorn Kerber carefully reconstructs the meaning and context these paintings possessed for the artists who produced them and the patrons who commissioned them, as well as for their contemporary viewers. This vital book represents a major contribution to the field of view painting studies and will be an essential resource to scholars and enthusiasts.

Peter Bjorn Kerber is assistant curator of paintings at the J. Paul Getty Museum.