Valentin de Boulogne Beyond Caravaggio Annick Lemoine, Keith Christiansen, Patrizia Cavazzini, Jean-Pierre Cuzin, Gianni Papi

Publication date:
18 Oct 2016
Metropolitan Museum of Art
299 pages: 279 x 229mm
145 illus.
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The first comprehensive English monograph on an outstanding 17th-century artist

In the years following Caravaggio’s death, the French-born painter Valentin de Boulogne (1591–1632) emerged as one of the greatest masters of naturalistic painting, demonstrating the influence of Caravaggio’s style and subject matter. This book, the first complete monograph of his work in English, features more than 50 lushly illustrated paintings by Valentin, as well as numerous comparative works that help situate his oeuvre. 
Essays by an international team of experts explore Valentin’s masterful depictions of everyday life as well as the tumult and violence of 17th-century Rome, where he lived and worked.  This comprehensive survey brings to light a radical but under-recognized practitioner of realism whose powerful works prefigured the modernity of 19th-century artists such as Gustave Courbet.

Annick Lemoine is scientific director of the Festival of Art History and lecturer in art history at the University of Rennes 2. Keith Christiansen is the John Pope-Hennessy Chairman, Department of European Paintings, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.