Ground/work Molly Epstein, Abigail Ross Goodman

Publication date:
23 Nov 2021
Clark Art Institute
256 pages: 298 x 235mm
150 color illus.
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A lush visual document of the Clark Art Institute’s first-ever outdoor exhibition, featuring the work of six significant contemporary artists working in sculpture today

A reverence for nature and a desire to further enliven the surrounding trails, pastures, and woods inspired Ground/work—the Clark Art Institute’s first outdoor exhibition—which this book records and situates within the broader context of contemporary sculpture. The six major site-responsive commissions created by Kelly Akashi, Nairy Baghramian, Jennie C. Jones, Eva LeWitt, Analia Saban, and Haegue Yang are documented throughout the seasons, alongside texts that reflect upon and illuminate the individual and collective responses of artists. Process shots and working documents are placed alongside grand single shots of artworks and their landscape contexts. Critical texts represent a wide range of significant voices in the field of contemporary art.

Molly Epstein and Abigail Ross Goodman are curators of contemporary art with a multidisciplinary practice across institutional, public, and private space.

Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA
(October 6, 2020–October 17, 2021)