Signac and the Independants Gilles Genty, Mary-Dailey Desmarais, Nathalie Bondil, Charlotte Hellman, Claire Denis, Phillip Dennis Cate, Belinda Thomson, Marina Ferretti Bocquillon, Richard Thomson, Nicole Tamburini, Jean-David Jumeau-Lafond, Katia Poletti, Veronique Serrano, Mark Antliff, Patricia Leighten

Publication date:
10 Mar 2020
Editions Hazan, Paris
384 pages: 279 x 241mm
550 b-w + color illus.
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A magnificently illustrated showcase of works by artists in Paris at the dawn of the 20th century

In Paris at the turn of the 20th century, an artistic revolution was underway. The Salon des Indépendants was organized in 1884 by a group of artists and thinkers that included Albert Dubois-Pillet, Odilon Redon, Georges Seurat, and Paul Signac, who was the organization’s president from 1908 to his death in 1935. They chose as their slogan “neither jury nor reward” (ni jury ni récompenses), and for the following three decades their annual exhibitions set new trends that profoundly changed the course of Western art. This beautifully illustrated volume features paintings and graphic works by an impressive range of artists who exhibited at these avant-garde gatherings where Impressionists (Monet and Morisot), Fauves (Dury, Friesz, and Marquet), Symbolists (Gauguin, Mucha, and Redon), Nabis (Bonnard, Denis, and Lacombe), and Neo-Impressionists (Cross, Pissarro, and Seurat) all came together.

Gilles Genty is an independent art historian, curator, and collector who has co-curated several international exhibitions on the Nabis and the Post-Impressionists. Mary-Dailey Desmarais is curator of international modern art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
(July 4–November 15, 2020)