First Americans U.S. Patriotism in Indian Country after World War I Thomas Grillot

Publication date:
22 May 2018
Yale University Press
312 pages: 235 x 156mm
8 b-w illus.
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A forgotten history that explores how army veterans returning to reservation life after World War I transformed Native American identity

Drawing from archival sources and oral histories, Thomas Grillot demonstrates how the relationship between Native American tribes and the United States was reinvented in the years following World War I. During that conflict, twelve thousand Native American soldiers served in the U.S. Army. They returned home to their reservations with newfound patriotism, leveraging their veteran cachet for political power and claiming all the benefits of citizenship—even supporting the termination policy that ended the U.S. government’s recognition of tribal sovereignty.

Thomas Grillot is editor-in-chief of the online publication La Vie des Idées, the author of Après la Grande Guerre, and a researcher at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.