A Dictionary of Continental Philosophy John Protevi

Publication date:
01 Mar 2006
Yale University Press
640 pages: 235 x 156 x 40mm

A comprehensive reference work of notoriously difficult concepts and themes in continental philosophy

With over 450 definitions and articles by an international team of specialists, this comprehensive dictionary covers the thinkers, topics, and technical terms associated with the many intersecting fields known as continental philosophy. Special care has been taken to explain complex ideas, methods, and figures. Entries strive for clarity and concision, offering helpful definitions and sober, reliable accounts of key concepts. Professionals, students, and general readers alike will find the dictionary an invaluable reference tool and a treasured addition to the library shelf.

 Key features include:
· in-depth entries on major figures and topics
· over 190 shorter articles on other figures and topics
· over 250 items on technical terms used by continental thinkers, from "abjection" (Kristeva) to "worldhood" (Heidegger)
· coverage of related subjects that use continental terms and methods
· extensive cross-referencing, allowing readers to relate and pursue ideas in depth

John Protevi is associate professor of French studies at Louisiana State University. His publications include Time and Exteriority and (with Mark Bonta) Deleuze and Geophilosophy.

"Generous and readable. . . . A high-level convenience of the best kind in a world that more than threatens to exceed our information-gathering capacities. A reference tool that will be pulled off one's shelf with affectionate regularity." —Joseph Margolis, Temple University