"Modern Portuguese" by Mário A.              Perini

Modern Portuguese A Reference Grammar Mário A. Perini

Publication date:
11 Mar 2002
Yale University Press
648 pages: 235 x 178mm

This is the first comprehensive modern Portuguese grammar written for the English-speaking reader. The book covers in detail all the patterns of modern Portuguese as spoken and written in Brazil, focusing on those points which are especially challenging for the English-speaking student, such as the use of the subjunctive, use of the definite article, preterit vs. imperfect verb forms, prepositions, and many others. With a wealth of examples to clarify every topic and an extensive index, this indispensable grammar offers students and teachers easy access to all the information they need for in-depth study of Portuguese.

Key features of the book:
  • focuses on the needs of the English-speaking reader
  • incorporates the results of recent linguistic research in jargon-free language
  • emphasizes modern spoken Brazilian usage
  • describes current Brazilian pronunciation in detail
  • devotes a separate chapter to spelling problems
  • discusses trends of the modern spoken language

Mário A. Perini taught linguistics and Portuguese at major Brazilian universities for many years. More recently he has taught Portuguese as a foreign language in universities in the United States. He is now visiting professor, Department of Modern Languages, University of Mississippi at Oxford.

?Professor Perini?s book is groundbreaking. Its publication fulfills a great need for such material for grammar teaching in the United States and other English-speaking countries.??Jordano Quaglia, Yale University