"Henry VII" by S. B. Chrimes

Henry VII S. B. Chrimes

The English Monarchs Series
Publication date:
11 Jul 1999
Yale University Press
400 pages: 235 x 156mm
42 b-w illus.


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Founder of the Tudor dynasty, Henry VII was a crucial figure in English history. In this acclaimed study of the king’s life and reign, the distinguished historian S. B. Chrimes explores the circumstances surrounding Henry’s acquisition of the throne, examines the personnel and machinery of government, and surveys the king’s social, political, and economic policies, law enforcement, and foreign strategy. This edition of the book includes a new critical introduction and bibliographical updating by George Bernard.

S. B. Chrimes was from 1953 to 1974 head of the department of history at University College, Cardiff, the University of Wales. George Bernard is reader in Tudor history at the University of Southampton.

"This book is beyond question the best and fullest account of the reign written so far: Professor Chrimes has done a sober, sensible, well-structured, and magisterial job."—G. R. Elton

"The best general account of Henry VII that we have . . . admirable, lucid, reliable."—A. L. Rowse