One Hundred Details from the National Gallery Kenneth Clark

Publication date:
25 Apr 2008
National Gallery London
160 pages: 267 x 241mm
200 color illus.


Originally published in 1938 when Kenneth Clark was director of the National Gallery, London, this book presents Clark’s favorite details from paintings in the museum’s collection. Newly updated and handsomely illustrated, this landmark book juxtaposes pairs of details rarely viewed together––such as cupids from Velázquez’s Rokeby Venus and Correggio’s The School of Love––to illuminate fascinating analogies and contrasts between paintings and artists. Clark’s erudite but accessible responses to these works are broad in scope and approach, and range from a few lines to an entire history of the still life. Featuring all new color reproductions, One Hundred Details serves as an introduction to art history and offers a unique and intimate look at these paintings through the discerning eye of a world-renowned art historian and director.

Kenneth Clark was director of the National Gallery, London, from 1934 to 1945.

"Surely the most entertaining art book of the season. . . . Lord Clark's . . . vast erudition is conveyed in an easy, conversational style that both informs us and makes us eager for more."—Eric Gibson, Wall Street Journal