"Questions on Love and Charity" by Thomas Aquinas

Questions on Love and Charity Summa Theologiae, Secunda Secundae, Questions 23–46 Thomas Aquinas, Robert C. Miner

Rethinking the Western Tradition
Publication date:
07 Jun 2016
Yale University Press
416 pages: 210 x 140 x 22mm
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A fresh translation of quaestiones from the Summa theologiae of Thomas Aquinas, edited by Robert Miner. This volume provides direct access to the medieval theologian’s deepest thinking about the supreme goal of human life—blessedness—and the virtue most intimately related to this goal—charity. The edition also contains Aquinas’s treatment of charity’s effects—love, joy, peace, and mercy—and the vices opposed to them, such as hatred, envy, and war. Featuring five supplementary essays by noted Aquinas scholars, the volume will enable readers to engage more thoroughly with the thought of Thomas Aquinas.

Robert C. Miner is author of Thomas Aquinas on the Passions and professor of philosophy in the Honors College at Baylor University.

“This indispensable volume includes not only a lucid, beautifully executed translation of Thomas Aquinas’s treatise on charity but also five supplementary essays . . . With its updated translation, references to modern critical editions, and supplementary essays, this text has much to offer.”—Choice

“People trying to translate Aquinas face many challenges. Yet Miner has risen to them admirably so as to produce something that reads clearly while conveying the sense of what Aquinas has to say.”—Commonweal