Practical Reason Stephan Körner

Publication date:
10 Sep 2001
Yale University Press
272 pages: 216 x 140 x 16mm


This book covers a wide spectrum of connected topics in the field of practical and moral thinking.  It contains papers and discussions on the logic of practical reasoning and moral obligation; on the decision-theoretical approach to morality; on the relation between practical and theoretical reason; and on the political aspects of morality.  The contributors are, for the most part, well-known philosophers who have not been content with merely restating their positions, but have sued this as a forum for proposing new ideas.  The value of the collection lies not only in the originality of the contributions on the various topics mentioned but equally in its demonstration of the interrelations among these topics. 

"Five major papers and fifteen comments and replies constitute this volume of the Proceedings of the First Bristol Conference on Critical Philosophy. Each explores a dimension of the relationships between practical reason, theoretical reason, and morality. Several present viewpoints and hypotheses not previously advanced. The range of scope and depth indicates a freedom from editorial restriction and provides a feeling of being present at the conference. . . . Philosophy and rhetoric share the boundary of practical reason. This volume provides thought-provoking illumination for some of the contiguous territories. It shows philosophers reasoning practically."?Philosophy and Rhetoric

"This book contains papers, comments, and replies of a conference on practical reasoning. The main papers . . . are . . . about the logic of moral reasoning, individual versus social preference orderings, the relation between practical and theoretical reasoning, reason and violence in political ideology, and Kant's concept of practical reason."?Library Journal