"The Engineering Drawings of Benjamin Henry Latrobe (Series 2)" by Benjamin Henry           Latrobe

The Engineering Drawings of Benjamin Henry Latrobe (Series 2) Volume 1 2-1, The Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Darwin H. Stapleton

The Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe Series
Publication date:
10 Sep 1980
Yale University Press
264 pages: 279 x 356mm


Benjamin Henry Latrobe (1764-1820) was one of the founders of the engineering profession in America. This book is the first detailed treatment of his engineering projects as well as a pioneering attempt to make available a collection of early American technical drawings. The excellence of Latrobe's draftsmanship and the rarity of comprehensive graphic records for early American engineering make this collection a particularly valuable addition to the history of technology.

"An impressive demonstration of Latrobe's skill as an engineer and as a delineator of engineering drawings, which enables us to see this important but heretofore more neglected side of his career and the contributions he made to the young American republic."?Damie Stillman, Antiques

"A welcome addition to the literature on the history of engineering in the United States."?Louis C. Hunter, American Historical Review

"A major resource for students of early American history. . . . A rare treasure."?Michal McMahan, Technology and Culture

"This volume. . . provides more than a look at the sorts of concepts and techniques that dominated Latrobe's thinking; it is by far that most ambitious venture yet in publishing a collection of early American technical drawing. . . . This is a book whose beauty is surely matched by its significance. It stands as a major attainment in the production of a major set of books."?Robert C. Post, Historic Preservation