Joseph Bergin


Professor Bergin, who was born in Kilkenny, Ireland, has been teaching at Manchester since 1978, and is an internationally recognised expert on the history of early modern France, especially the seventeenth century. He has written six major books, one of which was awarded the Prix Richelieu in 1995, and edited a number of others. He was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1996 and has frequently been a visiting professor to French universities. In 2011 Professor Joseph Bergin was the first-ever recipient of the silver Richelieu Medal, awarded to scholars who have contributed to promoting the values of scholarly excellence. It is the latest of a series of accolades honouring Professor Bergin’s work: in February 2010 he received the ‘Antiquities of France’ medal from the French Academy of Inscriptions and Belles-Lettres for his most recent book, Church, Society and Religious Change in France 1580-1730.

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