Charles Rosen


Charles RosenCharles Rosen is a writer and pianist of international standing. He frequently reviews The New York Review of Books and his published volumes include The Classical Style: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven; The Romantic Generation; Sonata Forms; Romantic Poets, Critics and Other Madmen; Critical Entertainments; Beethoven's Piano Sonatas (Yale, 2002); and Piano Notes.

As a pianist, he has performed and recorded a wide repertoire from Bach to Pierre Boulez, and has been invited by Stravinsky, Boulez and Elliott Carter to record and give first performances of their works. Among his best-known recordings are the last six sonatas and the Diabelli Variations of Beethoven.

"Rosen continuously reveals and explains the fantastic, largely unglimpsed, subtlety of music's expressive vocabulary." -Jeremy Siepmann, BBC Music Magazine

"What is astonishing, given the rigour of the analysis and the apparent technicality of the approach, is how moving his book is." -Simon Callow, The Guardian

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